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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”? Gutter guards from R&R Seamless Gutters will help you work smarter when it comes to drainage!

Gutters have an important job– catching and filtering the run-off water from your roof and directing it safely away from the foundation of your home. Over time, that water brings fallen leaves, twigs, and dirt with it. These can all clog your gutters. Clogged gutters can become heavy over time and bend or even break. Keeping your gutters free of clogs can keep your gutters, roof, and basement safe.

You could work harder to keep clogs away– meaning cleaning those moldy leaves and slimy dirt out your gutters by hand two or three times per year. Yuck!

Or you could work smarter— by keeping most of the dirt and leaves out of your gutters in the first place! Gutter guards from R&R Seamless Gutters Pittsburgh all work generally the same way. They filter out the debris so that the water can drain easily down the gutter and down the drainpipe. Some work by covering the tops of gutters with mesh or screens; others use sponges to collect only water. This makes it easier to clean because you’re cleaning the debris on top rather than reaching into the gutters themselves.

When you choose the right gutter guard, you’ll need to consider the amount of rainfall, current gutter system, and access to gutters for cleaning. Call R&R Seamless Gutters Pittsburgh today to get a free estimate!

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Gutter ProTech!

It’s time to turn those ordinary gutters into self-cleaning gutters. Give us a call today to learn more about Gutter ProTech.

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Felicia Advent
Felicia Advent
I had some gutters recently fall off the house during the storms this past week. I had several calls out to different companies. R&R return my call and was out the next day to replace and repair my broken gutters. They also cleaned them out for me. I was very happy with their work and professionalism.
Brandon Carolan
Brandon Carolan
Had another company scheduled to bend some custom color gutters for me. They canceled the day of, leaving me in a pickle with a crew on site and no gutters. Called a whole list of other companies without any response. R&R came through for me. They were on site for me within 20 minutes of my call and really saved the day for me. Looking forward to using their services again in the future.
brad nimpfer
brad nimpfer
Great guys excellent workman ship highly recommended
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Pittsburgh Gutter Guards

When it comes to gutter guards, you have options. R&R Seamless Gutters Pittsburgh offers a variety of different gutter guards to suit particular needs. Any kind of gutter guard will save you time and work in the long run.

Our gutter guards come in metal screens, micro mesh, slit guards, and sponge guards. Each option works a little differently, so be sure to consult with one of our skilled craftsmen to find the one that’s right for you! You can read more about each option below.

  • Micro Mesh Gutter Guards are your go-to for high performance. They use a support frame and fine mesh to filter small debris and promote drainage. These are more difficult to install, but they’re worth it if small debris is a big problem.
  • Metal Screen Gutter Guards are affordable and easily installed on top of your gutter. They filter out debris but are more prone to clogs.
  • Slip Guards filter debris by letter water slip around the edges. If you need drainage for consistent heavy rainfall, use another option, as slip guards are best for light to medium rainfall.
  • Sponge Guards sit inside the bottom of your gutter. When it rains, the sponge filters most debris while water flows through and out the drain pipe. Sponge guards are effective but they may grow mold, mildew, and even seeds over time.

Unfortunately, no gutter system is truly set-it-and-forget-it. Each has benefits and limits. Call R&R Seamless Gutters Pittsburgh and get a free estimate today!